Optimal solution for sport. Your eyes are your gift for life

Playing sports or being active outside under the strong reflective rays of the sun is part of our daily lifestyle.
At Oxygen Optometry we carry sport eyewear for all ages. Whether it is little league or recreational, we have the protective eyewear designed for you.
They can fit in helmets used for hockey, baseball, and football or they can be worn to protect your eyes from fast flying objects in racquetball, handball and squash.  Coaches, parents and the athletes themselves understand the importance of wearing correct sport eyewear. This will reduce the risk of eye damage and will enhance the athletes’ performance due to the fact that they can see well.


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At your next visit, be sure to discuss with our eye care specialists your athletic adventures so that we can help protect your vision.
oxygen-work04 Each year, your child’s sport eyewear should be reviewed to ensure that it is still providing proper protection and comfort.